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What’s in a Logo?


You may have asked yourself, “Why does Daczkowski Orthodontics use that logo?” This logo has been in process for a number of years in our family and the inspiration came from our daughter, Tori. When I married in the family, many folks had a difficult time pronouncing my new name. I shared this with Tori and she very promptly told me, “Michelle, you just have to say, ‘It’s a Dutch cow on skis!’”. That was it and when you say it like that, pronouncing it is a ‘snap’. The logo is our way of adding a little fun to our web site and life, while helping you remember how to pronounce our name!

Now you know …… Michelle Daczkowski

Dr. Daczkowski

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Dr. Daczkowski is best in his class for Orthodontists. His patients' results speak for themselves. "We have had all our children treated here over the last 10 years. I wouldn't go anywhere else. He exceeded our expections!"

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